Swoon Weddings:

Southern Highlands Wedding Photography & Videography


Here at Swoon, we like to create awesome films and photos. Whether

we are capturing your wedding, family or blossoming love, we like to

keep things fun and natural. We're not ones to make you hold a pose

forever, we want you to be yourself, to giggle and pull faces when you

feel the urge to while we click away. 


We are picture-takers, creators and storytellersWe want you to

experience things while we are there along the way to document it all.

The big things, the little things, the funny things, the emotional things,

the muddy things, the every-things!



View our work!


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Who are we?


Dan and Julia make the team here at Swoon Weddings.
Dan specialises in photography and videography
and Julia specialises in photography.

To put it simply: we LOVE what we do!



What do we do?


We offer wedding photography or videography coverage
as well as combined photo + video packages.
Anniversary/engagement sessions, elopement packages,
portrait sessions and more!

Take a look at our packages:

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