So what's next? 


What we cover:

- about an hour with the guys

- about an hour to an hour and a half with the girls

Please keep in mind travel time between the guys, girls and ceremony location as this needs to be factored in. 

- we like to get to the ceremony about 30 minutes prior to the awesome bride arriving

- when your ceremony finishes we give you some time to celebrate with your friends and family, 

- we spend about 10 - 15 minutes capturing some family portraits after the ceremony

- then we head off for bridal portraits

- we usually spend about an hour on bridal portraits and any extra time is amazing
(the best time for bridal portraits is during sunset/golden hour. when you're planning your day make sure you keep in mind the time + daylight savings if you're after a specific style of portraits

- after the portrait shenanigans we love to capture you guys making your entrance into the reception

- we typically organise coverage so we can at least cover all the formalities at the reception + a little bit of the midnight boogie: this usually includes
- speeches
- cutting of the cake
- first dance

- if you are having a big exit at the end of the night, we'd love to capture it 


Our package recommendations:

Every big day is different and no one wedding is ever the same! Though we love to keep things as simple as possible for everyone, we've created our packages from lots of experiences and we've paid lots of attention to what works well. 

All our packages can be custom tailored and start & finish times are completely up to you! More or less hours can be arranged depending on the amount of coverage you are after!  

Our 8 hour package is perfect for those with a shorter big day with little to no travelling between locations throughout the day and perfectly suits if your ceremony and reception are in the same venue. We usually find we get to spend about 30 minutes with the guys and about an hour with the girls prior to the ceremony and we usually wrap it up a little after the formalities. 

Our 10 hour package is our most popular package and is perfect for those with a big day, still with a smaller amount of travelling between the girls and guys getting ready and it's especially fitting if your ceremony & reception are quite close by. We usually start with the guys getting ready but get to spend around an hour instead and we get to spend about an hour and a half with the girls, this is great if you're after some portraits with the bridal party or parents prior to the ceremony. It also usually means we get to stay longer into the reception and potentially until the end. It's also great if you are a fan of our night time portraits as we can get you outside for some night time portrait shenanigans. 

Our 12 hour package is awesome for those with a big day with lots happening! Travel between locations becomes easier and coverage is quite similar to the 10 hour package though you usually get to keep us until the very end so it's perfect if you have a longer party session and you're making an exciting exit at the end of the night and you'd like us to capture it!

How about a second photographer?


How about a second videographer? 

We get lots of inquires asking for 2 videographers, we love it but unlike other videography companies, we don't always recommend it as it really depends on your day! A second videographer is awesome when you've got a couple of things happening at the same time and don't want anything missed! If you're only after a second videographer for the morning, it's actually simpler, cheaper and more personal to choose the next package. 

To continue with our simplistic approach we only charge a minimum extra fee 



The clouds are coming! What if it rains? 

We're happy to continue shooting in any weather. Our cameras are weatherproof and so are we! We think rainy portraits are magical and really, everyone is going to have an amazing day no matter what the weather brings. 

We just suggest to have some umbrellas handy! 


Facts about film 

The "What we cover" section sums up most of the details though here are some extra facts about video

- We like to be at the ceremony 30 minutes in advance as we typically set up a couple of cameras and a few different audio recording options depending on the location. We also like to get some candid shots of your friends and family mingling as everyone arrives. 

- We aim to capture your day as candid and natural as possible and we don't stage any part of the day, we're just there to capture the magic that is already happening. 

Facts about photography


Behind the scenes: What's really happening when you have us capture your big day!

We know lots of photographers and videographers, local guys and girls and others from all over the world. If we are unavailable for your big day or if you think that we simply aren't the "right guys for you" we're more than happy to give you a list of recommendations. 


The lead up, the big day & what happens after!


Everyone photographer and videographer will tell you they use professional gear but what is professional gear? First of all, pro-gear is usually a reference to expensive cameras and lenses, typically our camera bags are worth around 20 grand at a wedding, but owning pro-gear is only part of it. Knowing how to use pro-gear to it's highest potential is a completely different story. Hear, whether we are using the most forefront of technology, off the beaten track relics or trusty & timeless work horses, you can trust that we know how to use it, in our sleep. A camera is a tool and while anyone can own one, not everyone uses them the same. We also quite pride ourselves with unconventional methods in capture and that has helped us capture the most important day of lots of lovely peoples lives. 

Capturing your big day is only the beginning for us! Typically within 12 hours, we've safely downloaded, backed-up and file checked all the footage from your big day. We keep a minimum of 3 copies of your big day and one of those copies doesn't leave our sights until we've delivered you your final pictures or films. All our not-yet delivered files are kept extremely safe with both on site and off site copies.